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We enable children & youngsters to engage in sport (field hockey). Sport works decriminalizing, promotes a sense of belonging to a group and provides a healthy challenge.

We educate hockey coaches & we offer them the opportunity to become (remunerated) trainers at schools. During our courses we also educate them on “life skills”; they will be roll models for the kids they will be training!

We focus especially on participation of girls; we support their search for control and a better life by offering the possibility to become trainer and we grant also micro credits in order to start up their own activity.

'“Twende” is a word in Swahili and means “let’s go”! It ‘s an invitation to go, to move forward towards development through hockey.'

~ Valentina Quaranta

Join Us

Let’s start this trip together with African players and coaches!


At the moment we are taking the required steps to register our own NGO TWENDE HOCKEY in Tanzania. Chairman of the NGO will be Alice Ngoro, secretary Elieza Mwankemwa, treasurer Raphaella Masonda. We estimate to complete the registration in the course of this year.

The project, which will last three years, has the overall objective of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of children and young people with disabilities living in the Iringa region (Tanzania), with a particular focus on basic services, with a specific focus on health and education.



Twende Hockey Club was officially registered in 2022 under the National Sports Council of Tanzania Act. The club was primarily registered as an outlet to absorb the U18 players coming out of our schools program. In Tanzania, there are only 8(eight) registered clubs and these could not accommodate all players.

The club is a youth led organisation that is being run as a youth development program. At the age of 18 -21 years the players are still in school and the club provides them with a safety net, where they can play whilst still focusing on their studies.

All players (girls and boys) get automatic membership to the club once they reach 18 years of age or graduate from secondary school.

Being the only one of two clubs that has a ladies’ team, the club has been very passionate in advocating for equal participation for both genders in tournaments.

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